Song List

Suggestions of songs that help to develop thinking around the four key questions – songs for use as resources, songs to listen to, and songs to learn to sing.

Exploring Feelings Through Song

“How Does It Feel?” by Avril Lavigne (Almo Music Corp 2004 – copyright Avril Lavigne Publishing Limited) is a fantastic example of song through which feelings can be expressed.

We have developed the lyrics into a resource and demonstrate how to apply the ‘four key questions’.  Download the SL resource here – Exploring Feelings Using A Song

Inspiring Songs to Listen to

Inspiring Songs to listen to .
“You Got A Friend in Me” Randy Newman 1996 (Disney) “Ben” Michael Jackson 1972 (Motown)
“Colours of the Wind” Pocohontas 1995 (Disney) “Circle of Life” Lion King 1994 (Disney)
“True Colours” Cynd Lauper 1995 (Epic) “How Does It Feel”Avril Lavigne 2004 (Arista)

Please Note: Songs are generally available via the You Tube website.  It is important that you follow your school guidelines in relation to using You Tube and any other external website links.  For information about using SL External Links please read our Disclaimer.

Songs You Might Want to Sing

The singup website is a fantastic resource for music that can support work on the four key questions.

If you search the songbank for PSHCE and Citizenship songs for your key stage you will find a choice of songs with performance tracks, backing tracks and  downloadable music .

Key Stage 2 Song Ideas .
Aint no mountain high enough

No wars will stop us singing

We’re all in this together

Spread a little Happiness

Consider yourself

I can see clearly now

Side by side




Note: Another song you may want to use is Halalalaya available from in the book “More music of our world ” from Hal Leonard Publishers

Key Stage 1 Song Ideas .
Good to be me

Hello Hello