Secondary School Linking

A resource aimed at secondary school schools wishing to form relationships with schools or colleges of a contrasting nature, both within and outside of their district.

The purpose of this resource is to create an opportunity for young people to get to know others living in different areas.  The experience provides students with an insight into how people living in other areas can be different and share similarities to themselves.

Resource Material

Included in this pack are aids to help you commence and reflect on your linking, from outline proposal documents to a range of evaluation forms.  There are also practical tools including link day plans for teachers and passports printouts for students.  All resource material is available to download below.

Proposal for Secondary School Link 

To be completed by teachers from proposing schools, this document outlines why and with whom a school would like to link.  The document also suggests pre-linking tasks and includes an outline plan for a link day.

Secondary School Link Scaffold Letter 

A sample letter for students requesting involvement in the Secondary School Linking programme.

Link Day Plan 

An outline plan designed for a first Secondary School Linking visit day.  This is for use by the linked pairs of schools when visiting each other and meeting for the first time.

Link Day Timetable 

An outline timetable designed for a Secondary School Link day, with activity information, resource requirements and responsibilities.

School Link Day Pre-Evaluation Form 

To be completed by teachers and students, this pre-evaluation form is designed to capture students’ thoughts prior to linking.

School Link Day Evaluation Class Visit Day 

To be completed by students, this personal evaluation form is designed to capture students’ thoughts at the beginning of a class visit day and at the end of the day.

School Link Day Post Evaluation Form 

To be completed by students, this personal evaluation form is designed to capture students’ reflections on their linking experience.

Secondary School Linking Passport  

A Secondary Schools Linking Passport to download. To be completed by participating students.