Linking Day Activities

A range of activities recommend for use on a linking day.  We always welcome feedback and new ideas – please get in touch if you would like to share your experiences.

Welcome Activities for a Class Visit

Click to download Welcome Activities (.ppt)

These slides can be adapted to welcome students from another school, explain icebreakers  and finally explain reflective activities at the end of the day for the two linking classes.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Teacher led, group activity

Drama Games for a School Linking Visit

Click to download the Drama Games for a School Linking Visit Resource (.doc)

This resource gives ideas for drama games a primary teacher can lead during a second linking class visit of the year.  Ideal for a classroom sized space.

KS2 | 45 – 60 Mins | Teacher led, group activity

Hand Art

Click to download Hand Art (.ppt)

This activity provides instructions for a linking art activity in pairs that can be used on a primary class visit.

KS2 | 15 Mins | Teacher led, group activity

Building Challenge

Click to download Building Challenge (.ppt)

This activity provides instructions and criteria for success for a Tower Building Egg Holding Challenge, which can be used as a class linking visit activity.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Teacher led, group activity

The Great Crisp Challenge

Click to download The Great Crisp Challenge

An initiative building task and fun challenge for students.

KS2 | 25 Mins | Teacher led

Adventure Playground Activity

Click to download the Adventure Playground Activity

This resource gives pupils the opportunity to use their creativity and team working skills to create a unique playground design.

KS1 | 30 – 45 Mins | Teacher led, group activity

Circle Games & Warm Ups Download WordDownload PDF

Key Stage 215 minsTeacher led

Over 20 ideas for circle games and warm up activities.

KS2 | 15 Mins | Teacher led


Geoscapes Download Word Download PDF

Key Stage 230 minsTeacher led

Active ideas for the classroom: name & lie, geoscape mapping & drama.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Teacher led


Example School Linking Plan

Click to download School Linking Day Plan An example of a linking day plan made for teachers visiting a neutral venue.


Example SLN Class Visit Plan Download Word Download PDF