Linking Resources

Teaching resources specifically aimed at school linking and exchanging information through our four key questions, including structured lesson plans and identity work.

The SL Identity Pack

A structured series of lesson plans drawing together the best practice developed at SL for preparing a KS2 class to meet. These are not activities for linking days, however many of the activities can be used for exchange of identity work.


Planning Documents

Useful forms and background information to help your linking process run smoothly


Classroom Identity Work

Identity work suitable for use with your own class. The resources help explore the four key questions.


Exchanging Information

Ideas and downloadable resources to create work for exchange with a link school.


Linking Day Activities

Activities that could be used on a linking day with your partner schools including warm up ideas and circles games.


Reflection & Evaluation

Resources to help students to reflect and evaluate throughout the linking process.


Song List

Suggestions of songs to listen to and songs you could learn to sing that develop learners thinking around the four key questions.